17 June 2014

16th June 1944: "Hitler's fastest delivery"

16 Fri. Was on my way to butchers when the sirens went at 9.46 a.m. and a machine came over, the Raynes Park guns firing rapidly the shells going overhead towards London, making a terrifying din. Several others came and were fired at, many people saw one of them, it left a trail of fire behind it being jet-propelled; some saw it fall at Ealing; all clear at 11.15 a.m. Warning at 1.5 p.m. some firing to the south; all clear at 1.15 p.m. Also from 1.52 p.m. I cycled to Morden to buy fish during this alert and the all clear went at 2.45 while I was there. Like last night a great number of these crewless machines have been sent, they are jet propelled and are automatic; they crash with their bomb load and blow up when they get somewhere over London. Hitler's fastest delivery. 

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