16 June 2014

15th June 1944: first V-1 flying bombs launched at London; all-night warning; I saw red glow as they crashed

15 Thur. Very mild to rather warm, some pleasant sunshine. Gwennie and Laurie called. Showed Gwennie how to draw a geometric design which she painted with watercolour. Did some shopping locally. Finished the re-laid side-path of garden attended the tomato plants and marrows and some watering. The German plane that was destroyed in the early hours of  Tuesday morning fell on the railway at Coburn Rd., Bow, E.; it was a jet propelled crewless machine.** Warning at 11.36 p.m. A J.P crewless machine approached from the south making a loud noise; the engine stopped, it dived and blew up at Ewell, I am told, several came to |London where they were fired at, and I saw the red glow of two of them as they crashed. All clear at 9.25 a.m. on 16 Fri.

**Note: we now know that this must have been the very first V-1 flying bomb launched at London. As Fred's entry shows, this was quickly followed in succeeding days by many more. Link here...  See Wikipedia for details of the V-1, mentioning the first launch at London being on 13th June, when Uncle Fred records the fall of a 'German plane'. 

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