14 June 2014

13th June 1944: heavy ground shock

13 Tues. Very mild, some nice periods of sunshine after a rainy start. very rough S.S. wind Warning from 3.50 to 4.6 a.m., no incident. Also from 4.20 a.m. A few red shell-bursts over London of the sort that spread and hang in the air for a short time, followed by a sudden red flare up from the ground; this was a German plane** crashing to the earth in flames in East London; all clear at 4.40 a.m. Also from 5.10 a.m. to 5.55 a.m.; a heavy ground shock was felt from the south as if a heavy bomb had fallen some distance away. Bought post-cards and envelopes at the post-office and posted a card to Dad. Aunt Hannah called; gave her some flowers. To the Church Anniversary to hear a lecture by Dr Ryder-Smith on the Te Deum.

**see entry for 15th June. This was the first V-1 'flying bomb' to hit London.

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