11 June 2014

10th June 1944: bombs and fudge

10 Sat. Very mild, heavy black clouds, but a little weak sunshine. In afternoon cycled  to Tooting to buy fish. Round round some of the Tooting roads damaged in the raids earlier this year. Sellingcourt Rd., Mellison Rd. and Nutwell St. have a great many houses right down and hundreds damaged; things obviously were very serious here. Gwennie and Laurie called. Amused them and myself too, I think; I do love them. Offered them some chocolate fudge, Laurie taking a very large piece. I said it was too large, but he said, "Oh no, it's not too big," and he said it in a tone suggesting it would be no hardship. Re-made the unrepaired side-path of garden having previously weeded it; shall finish it Monday.

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