9 May 2014

9th May 1944: National Grow More fertiliser... and that cat!

9 Tues. Slight morning frost, but very mild day and some nice sunshine. To Morden to buy a few things, also bought some fertiliser and other things locally.Experimented with using a loud-speaker as a microphone in the sitting room connected by the flex wires to the amplifier of the radio-gram in the back room with powerful results. A cone speaker makes a too-sensitive microphone for practical purposes.
Treated a bed prepared for beetroots in the garden with National Grow More fertiliser*, sowed crimson globe beet seeds and then the cat walked over them.

*Note: a BBC history web page has recollections of 'National Growmore' fertiliser. The term National Grow More occurs in modern times in other countries. This is link to BBC page.

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