4 May 2014

4th May 1944: 'Salute the Soldier'

Nation Fire Service vehicles preserved. (Photo: Clem Rutter)
See Wikipedia Commons for details of photo and
here for notes on the National Fire Service
4 Thur. Rather cool, dull and cloudy; some rain in evening; we need much more. Took in 2 cwt. of coal @ 3/8 per cwt; went to Truins to pay for it. Was walking down the road when I saw an elegant grey Packard loudspeaker van of the National Fire Service when I noticed Chas. was driving it. He stopped outside 34 so I had a look at it. Chas showed me inside. There were four loudspeakers on the roof the microphone and amplifier being inside. It will be used in Wimbledon's Salute the Soldier week and Chas. will be at the microphone as he has a good voice. Started erecting a double row of bean sticks but rain stopped proceedings. Helped Ciss with the spring-cleaning of the front room; did a few minor repairs.

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