30 May 2014

29th May 1944: first sight of countryside for years

29 Whit Mon. Very warm; blazing hot sunny day; overcast and thunder at night. Mrs. Matson and her friend Mrs. Brown both of Wandsworth came in afternoon, stayed to tea.  Mrs. Brown was interested in the organ and can play. In afternoon cycled to Box Hill by way of Worcester Park. Old Malden, Ruxley, Ewell, Horton, Epsom Common, Ashtead where I heard a nightingale singing, Leatherhead, Mickleham and Box Hill where I heard the cuckoo. At Mickleham I saw a party of people enter a gate and make across fields, the last man in the party was Geo. Gooding whom I spoke to. They were the Youth Club from the Church. The country was looking gorgeous and it was grand to see it again after so many years. Have not been to Box Hill for a great many years. Saw two enormous craters (bomb) one each side of Old Malden Lane they were the largest I have seen both for diameter and depth; they were in fields but in Ruxley Lane a long row of houses area down, the result of bombing this year.

Note: a long cycle ride around those roads on an old bike. As the crow flies it would have been a 24-mile round-trip to Box Hill. It was probably about thirty allowing for Fred's route.

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  1. That's quite a hike on an old bike, and would have burned up the calories from the suet plus a few more.