17 May 2014

17th May 1944: nursery rhymes - and repaired my shoes

17 Wed. Very cool, fitful clouds, rain most of the day: slight thunder and hail showers. Got the groceries and other shopping locally in morning. Laurie brought some meat for Dinky. Gwennie and her father called in afternoon, so Gwennie said some nursery rhymes over the microphone to show her Dad. He also said a few words which came through very realistically. The moving-coil makes afine microphone. Made up the heels of my shoes and fitted new rubbers. Oh, I nearly forgot, I gave a box of paints to Gwennie.

A few notes...

Nursery rhymes and loudspeakers. Wired correctly, a loudspeaker can also be used as a microphone. This is what Fred is doing. Normally, electricity is sent though a coil which creates a current in a magnet and moves a paper cone, which disturbs the air and produces the sound we hear. Fred is simply using this in reverse. Gwennie's nursery rhymes spoken into the loudspeaker move the cone, creating a current in the magnet, which send the varying electric current along a cable to Fred's radio or other loudspeaker.

Shoes. Usually, we wear our shoes until they wear out. Previously, most high streets had shoe repair shops to replace rubber heels, or the soles. Where's your nearest 'cobbler' now? Some dry-cleaners offer a shoe repair service. 

Shopping. Fred is still going to the shops nearly every day. No fridge or freezer at home to keep food fresh. And most of the food will be fresh... not in a packet.

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