12 May 2014

12th May 1944: ..."the invasion cannot be far off."

12 Fri. Lovely, warm, sunny day; could hardly have been better, but we need rain, the drought is becoming serious. Did the usual shopping; got half shoulder of lamb this week for a change. Gwennie and Laurie called in morning, so Miss Brewer* saw them; she thought they were very nice children; but Gwennie has got the earache and is to go to hospital for examination. Bought fish in Morden. Bought seven tomato plants named "Money-maker". Prepared ground carefully with organic fertiliser and planted them in afternoon. The cats having raked over the beetroot bed, and had to buy more seed and re-sowed for a second time. There has been a procession of planes to and from the French coast all day on bombing missions, they are trying to smash the German defences; the invasion cannot be far off.

*Miss Brewer does the cleaning on Friday. She lived at 104 Largewood Avenue, Tolworth, with her unmarried sister.

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