10 May 2014

10th May 1944: cat meows into microphone.... has the invasion begun?

10 Wed. Very mild, lovely genial sunny day. I ought to have recorded that the first swifts were circling high over the houses here on Monday last, the eighth. In morning to get the groceries and something for dinner also fish for Dinky. Laurie called so I showed him the microphone arrangement which amused; I afterwards got Tibbles Norris the little she cat from next door to meow into the microphone while Mrs. Norris heard the meows coming out of the loud-speaker. Sowed cos lettuce seed. Started preparing sites for planting the prospective tomatoes. A terrific cannonade started about 11.30 p.m., the sounds coming from the south-east. It must have been distant but the windows shook with the thudding; has the invasion begun?  

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