6 April 2014

5th April 1944: Worcester Park bomb 'must have been a monster'

5 Wed. Very mild, cloudy. Got the groceries, also bought some fish in Martin Way. Trimmed the privet hedges and bush in front garden. Took a letter to Pontifaxes in Worcester Park in evening. They were pleased to see me; we are such old friends. Saw the bomb damage in Lynwood Avenue,* Worcester Park. There was only one bomb but it must have been a monster. A great many houses are destroyed on both sides of the road, five people were killed. On fire duty to-night; no incident.

*Note: Fred said Lynwood Avenue, but I can only find Lynwood Drive on a 2014 map - and it's parallel to a railway. Perhaps he named it incorrectly, and perhaps a bomber had aimed at the railway. 

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