5 April 2014

4th April 1944: betrayed by BBC... a blogger's personal note

4 Tues. Mild day after heavy rain; fitful sky & showers. Renewed the wireless licence price 10/-. Letter from Uncle Tom. Repaired the black-out blinds at the front door.

A personal note from blogger: a ten shilling wireless licence! Cheap at the price - so is our present TV licence, until yesterday, when I sat down for dinner expecting an innocuous quiz programme (naff but entertaining) and found it replaced without notice with a tennis match! I phoned the BBC and protested. Someone promised a personal e-mail response. I now feel I should deduct a few pence from my annual 'tv' licence - it felt like a slap in the face from an erstwhile reliable institution. I had left my dinner to protest and didn't feel like going back to it - I left it all to be thrown away, went without a meal, and went out for a drive. I still feel betrayed by the BBC (with whom I have worked on many occasions). How can anyone dare to change listed programmes without notice, short of a national emergency?

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