27 April 2014

26th April 1944: fireman's whistle

26 Wed. Mild, fresh breeze but some sunny periods later. Warning at 12.26 a.m. Being on duty I went to 40 Chestnut Road, the fire-party assembly point. I was the only one of my party of four who turned out. Mr. Conley the leader was out; he gave me a whistle which is blown to indicate incendiaries have fallen. However, apart from distant gun-flashes and a few machines flying over, which I took to be our night-fighters nothing transpired. All clear at 12.46 a.m. Got the groceries and bought something at the butchers. Bought some fish pieces for Dinky in Martin Way. I was preceded in the fish queue by Agnes Williams. Planted poppy seeds. Dug over a bed and planted mint. Planted some bordering campanula at the house end of the garden. Short cycle ride in evening.

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