20 April 2014

20th April 1944: bombs in Purley Reservoir and Rushmere Pond

10 Thur. Mild, but boisterous, chilly wind; some bright sunny periods through the clouds. Walk along rail path to Wimbledon; saw Cudworth*, one of the beautiful 'Engineer' class locos. Bought biscuits at Woolworth's. Only a small amount of work in the garden to-day. The bomb that I heard come down and explode in the raid in the early hours of yesterday fell in the water reservoirs at Purley; it destroyed the offices. The dud bomb is removed from the Rushmere Pond on the Common.

*Named after a prominent C19th engineer: details HERE.

All very confusing... this is 'Cudworth' but not the Class named
 by Fred. See this link for part of the history.

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