18 April 2014

18th April 1944: D-Day expected

18 Tues. Rather cool, becoming milder. The sunshine became warmer as the day advanced to a lovely afternoon. To Morden to buy a few things. Dinky rolled on the lawn in the sunshine and liked it. Divided up the big ferns and planted them out on the other side of the garden but the job is not finished yet. Maud stayed the night. The invasion of the Continent by Anglo-American forces is daily expected.

On this day: for secrecy in the lead-up to D-Day, the UK began censoring diplomatic bags from London, stopped foreign diplomats leaving the country, and banned all coded radio transmissions - - the USA, USSR and Polish are exempted. The distribution of newspapers to Southern Ireland and and Gibraltar was stopped on 5th April. In the Crimea, Russian troops take Balaclava and start operations near Sevastopol.

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