14 April 2014

14th April 1944: army tank... and tale of the cat's fur

14 Fri. Very mild, some nice sunshine in morning, cloudy & rain later; still breeze. Did all the usual Friday morning shopping locally and in afternoon bought fish at Morden. Saw a large tank coming along Martin Way. Ginger Emery a Persian cat came to see me. He had some long loose fur on his chest so I took it off and threw it into the air in the garden. A gust of wind took it up and it sailed away up and up. A sparrow saw and chased it, caught it in his beak while on the wing. Sat on the gutter of a house very pleased with his find and then flew off with it presumably to show his wife and to line the nest. Remade the side path of the garden. Dug over a small bed at house end of garden and planted some ferns in it.

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