8 March 2014

8th March 1944: wireless closes during air raids?

8 Wed. Cold, some hazy sunshine, cutting north wind:  white morning frost. Got the groceries in morning and sausage meat at the butchers. Fitted new fastening in my bedroom window; it prevents the window rattling in the wind and excludes draughts. I am wondering how I have put up with the discomfort of having the east wind blowing round my head in bed all these years; I cannot remember the window having a catch. Warning from 9.30 p.m. to 10.3 p.m. Nothing whatever happened; not even the wireless closed down. It has been announced that two bombs were dropped, location not stated, causing slight damage and no casualty.

Question to readers of 2014 blog: this is the first hint I've heard or read that BBC radio broadcasts might stop during raids... so as to avoid providing direction finding for enemy aircraft? Can anyone shed light on this? - Tony

P.S. This is a link to a BBC memo to staff who are invited to continue work during raids.

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