4 March 2014

4th March 1944: spiders love the air-raid shelter

How to erect an Anderson shelter
4 Sat. Sharp frost, clear, bright day; bitter north wind. I prepare the dinner midday on Saturdays. In afternoon cycled to Wimbledon, Merton and Morden but finally found some sprats at Merton. Got a few things at the grocers. Bought birthday cards for Monica Philpot and Peter Child. Met Alan Spooner. Swept out the shelter, the spiders seem to appreciate its cover and seclusion. Am board and lodging Tibby Hockney-Veal the kitten from next door till Tuesday; a little restless to begin with. I looked after him once before when he was quite a tiny kitten. Doris stayed the night. A fall of snow at night.

Shelter covered with garden

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