31 March 2014

31st March 1944: shrapnel through roof

Shrapnel through roof of this
house (Google Street View)
31 Fri. White morning frost, rather cold day, some hazy sunshine in afternoon. Did the Fri. morning shopping; got a nice piece of pork for the week-end. Got accumulator in afternoon. To Mrs Child; she showed me a large piece of shrapnel which went through the roof during a raid. Letters from Uncle Ton & Aunt Nellie; replied. Warning at 3.30 a.m. A machine beat the sirens and circled about for 1/4 of an hour then made off where it got a small amount of gunfire; there was none locally and it just went away unmolested; all clear at 4.40 a.m.

Note: this would have been at 17 Chatsworth Ave., Merton Park.

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