30 March 2014

30th March 1944: recycled lino in 'scullery'

30 Thur. Rather cold, cloudy. To Morden to buy fish. Posted letter to Rev. Chas. Staden. Laid the old lino taken up from the hall in the scullery; not very satisfactory.

Note: Fred refers to the 'scullery' - a term largely replaced in modern times by 'utility room'. Using the 'search' tool on this blog helps create a picture of the tiny room for washing, etc off the back of the kitchen. He had laid new oilcloth in the scullery in April 1940, removing the 'gas and copper' in order to do so. That was just four years before; the hall lino had lasted for about 30 years. Also in the scullery, there was a sink (which had a layer of ice in it on 30 Dec 1940), and an airer (replaced on 17 March 1941).  The kitchen hasn't received so many mentions - just one - when Dinky the cat caught a mouse in a kitchen cupboard! Click this sentence to see OED definition and origin of word scullery.

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