27 March 2014

27th March 1944: forty USA Flying Fortress

27 Mon. Mild, some hazy sunshine. Got some fish at Higg's which is only round the corner. Removed grass and weeds from centre path of garden and made it up with ashes. About 40 Flying Fortress heavy bombers (U.S.A.) flew over in late afternoon. (See top of opposite page.)

27 Mon. (continued). This insertion should have followed entry of above date. Warning at 11.50 p.m. Only very distant gunfire and flashes; nothing approached within some miles. The raid was chiefly on S.W. of England and South Wales. All clear vat 11.25 a.m. on 28 Tues.

Note: the pattern of entry and the notes above are all Fred's original. He remembered to add his 'continued' on the 'opposite page' about the raid after the next day's entry. By the way, it's interesting that there was a fish shop 'only around the corner', while he usually cycles miles and miles for Dinky's cat-fish. 

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