1 March 2014

27th February 1944: Fred investigates bombing raids

27 Sun. Very raw cold, very dull but calm. Only the Conley children and Laurie called. Cycled to Lower Morden to ascertain the truth of recent bombing there. The 'bomb' in Monkleigh Rd it seems was a dud shell in the front garden; it broke many windows. Another shell shattered the tiled path in a front garden in Hillcross Av. Further along this same road - the Lower Morden end, is a deep crater in a front garden where one of a group of three heavy bombs fell. This one threw quantities of clay on the roof and other prominent parts of the house; no one was hurt and only three windows were broken and a few tiles knocked off. Another bomb made a crater in a pasture field beside Lower Morden Lane. The third made huge crater in the front garden of the old square-built farm-house, also nearby; no damage whatever was done, save there is a big hole to fill up. These three bombs made the terrible swish we heard on Thur. night last; the result for the Germans in nil. The glow of a big fire to southwards last Wed. night was caused by a shower of incendiaries which was dropped across open fields from Stonecot Hill to the Morden Golf course; they set fire to a plantation of trees. In spite of recent heavy damage in Merton Road there was only one slight casualty there.

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