26 March 2014

26th March 1944: Brixton & Croydon suffered.. railway bombed

26 Sun. Very mild; a perfect spring day without a cloud; 60 degrees in the shade, 102 in the sun. Cycled to Wimbledon Common to see where a dud bomb fell into the sandy beach at Rushmere pond. There were about a dozen patches of whitish-grey powder where incendiaries had burned themselves out. I returned along the Portsmouth Rd and Robin Hood Way; I saw where a dud bomb was being excavated in Robin Hood Lane; right in the middle of the road. There was much damage in Croydon and Brixton caused by the recent raid on Fri. night - Sat. morning. Also publishing offices in Fleet Street and three churches were hit. There were no trains between Thornton Heath and Victoria and the Chessington branch was closed; a bomb fell on the railway track and blew it up; Brixton also suffered. Doris stayed the night.

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