17 March 2014

17th March 1944: meat & manure & whizzing shrapnel

17 Fri. Cold, cloudy, dreary, but a little fairer in afternoon. A letter each from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie telling of the terrible times they are having  in the raids at Westminster where they live. Got weekend joint at the butchers, also bought something at the cold meat shop. Then bought cake at the bakers. Paid the weekly bill for papers at the newsagents and bought some sweets there. Then to Morden; bought dried green peas @ 10d. per lb. Also got some meat from the animal meat shop. Bought bag of Wakeley's Hop Manure for the garden price 4/3d. Miss Brewer still comes to do the fri. morning cleaning. Put the staircarpet down again after cleaning. Warning at 9.15. p.m. A machine came from due south to a point overhead, turned about and went back the way it came. It had a fair amount of gunfire especially from the local guns, the shrapnel falling about; one piece whizzed down near the shelter where Ciss and I were. About four other machines came but gunfire was only slight. All clear at 9.47.p.m.
Click to enlarge. This year's hard-back notebook, when closed, measures four-and-a-half by seven inches.

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