15 March 2014

15th March 1944: stair carpet up for beating

15 Wed. Sharp white morning frost; rather cold day, but the sunshine in afternoon had some warmth in it. Got the groceries locally, also bought two nice smoked cod fillets at R'Imand's (?) in Martin Way. Took up the stair carpet, beat and swept it, also swept the stairs down. Warning at 8.50 p.m. Only about three machines to eastward, over London; they were only under slight gunfire; all clear at 9.25 p.m.

The restored monastery of Monte Cassino, 130km southeast of Rome
On this day: in Italy, the monastery on the summit of Monte Cassino is heavily bombed by the Allies. But the Germans hadn't occupied it; they had moved its treasures to the Vatican to protect them. After the bombing, the Germans moved into the now wrecked building and usefully defensive cellars. The immediate attacks (taking advantage of good weather) by the New Zealand Corps and bombers lacked planning and failed. Today, in 2014, the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano, visits the monastery to mark the 70th anniversary of its destruction: see this link.

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