14 March 2014

14th March 1944: many new, fast, enemy planes; red sky

14 Tues. Very cool, cloudy, boisterous; slight showers. Cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish, also out twice to do shopping locally. Cleaned the upstairs front windows inside and out. Wrote letters to Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie. Warning at 10.33 p.m. Many machines came; some of the new high speed ones circled and dived and zoomed about for half an hour; there were also some old slow planes. The gunfire was patchy and much less than of late, there being periods of gun-silence, when the planes' engines could be heard loudly. The local guns fired at four planes. I heard three drawn out noises which I took to be incendiaries and a red glow along the eastern horizon indicated that fires had been started. All clear at 11.44 p.m.

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