11 February 2014

9th February 1944: Duff's Depositories on fire

9 Wed. White morning frost, very cold day. Bright sunny morning; dull, rain later. Got the groceries, thence to Morden to get some food for Dinky but there was nothing, so continued to Merton High Street and bought some fish. Coming back, noticed very many fire engines by the Chase Station. It was part of Duff's Depositories on fire but it was then all over. In afternoon went along Chase to get a close view, and the whole of one block of buildings is burnt out. It started before seven this morning but I missed the excitement as I knew nothing of it till just before 1.0 p.m. At one time I did fire-watch duty there. In afternoon to see how Mrs. Hippel was faring and the neighbour told me she was in Kingston Hospital with congestion but was coming out this week.

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