6 February 2014

6th February 1944: dog rescued from bombsite after 2 days

6 Sun. Very cold day after hard frost. Very dull, and a cutting W.wind. The children called as usual. Len Garrod called in morning and invited me to tea next Saturday. In afternoon to see last Fri. morning's damage at S. Wimbledon and Merton. There were several house down in De Burgh (sic) road Rd and men were digging in the great pile of ruins; a dog was got out alive and well only this morning. There may still be bodies buried there. Also some houses down in Quicks Road and the backs of houses in Ridley Road were badly blasted. There appeared to be three craters in the back gardens of Victory Road, and two Anderson shelters were blown out of the ground. The blast must have run through the houses and blown the fronts clean out into the road. I don't know how many people were killed but the numbers of seven and ten have been mentioned. Heard that Mrs. Chandler* was dead and was buried last Monday.

*Possibly mother to Barbara Chandler (and her sister Rhoda?), Barbara in later years moving in with Fred's brother and sister-in-law to help look after them. Believed to have lived in Dorking area.

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