5 February 2014

5th February 1944: our 1907 bicycles

Coventry Transport Museum
via Wikpedia
5 Sat. Very cold, clear, bright; cold wind less severe. Did all shopping by cycle. Got Dinky's meat at Morden also many things locally. Got Ciss's shoes from Essam's. Noticed he had got a 1907 Rudge-Whitworth* cycle in his shop, same year as mine.; he said it was his father's; showed him mine. Met Uncle Dick. To Mrs Child's. Fitted new aerial lead-in wire, also new battery leads and loud-speaker leads and left it going splendidly; had tea with her and little Jenefer. On fire duty; no incident. Doris stayed the night.

*Note: their motto was, 'Rudge it, do not trudge it.'

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