28 February 2014

26th February 1944: Labour Exchange, garage & houses "gone"

26 Sat. Very cold, dismal; rain at night. Cycled to Morden; bought something at the Chemist's also fish for Dinky and a very nice smoked cod fillet which we enjoyed for tea very much.  Aunt Hannah and Uncle Ben called - Cousin Frank is home on leave from Egypt. On way back from Morden saw the dreadful damage in Merton Rd. The Labour Exchange, the Garage and nearby houses gone, with severe blast effects over many roads; must have been heavy bombs. Saw a house down in Kingswood Rd, Merton Park, also Sherwood Road; the later is closed owing to an unexploded bomb so also is Fairlawn Road; am continually finding more damage. Monkleigh Rd where Cousin Harold lives was hit on Thursday; must go and have a look.

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