26 February 2014

23rd Feb 1944: girls' school on fire, Merton & Morden bombed

23 Wed. Hard frost, very dull. Did miscellaneous shopping locally in morning. Mr. Luccock the minister held a little service here in the evening. Mrs Martin and "Aunt Sarah" also came and Mrs. Akroyd. Warning at 10.5 p.m. The machines mostly came from the south, about a dozen I should say. Searchlights and gunfire were used. The Wimbledon guns were first to fire at a machine flying very high in the searchlights coming from the south and shooting was quite accurate to what I have seen lately. There was less gunfire but I was pleased to see that it was much more accurate. The Raynes Park battery was well in evidence. I heard two missiles swish down, the second being very loud: I do not know what it was. Incendiaries were dropped to eastward, to the south and west leaving the glow of fires in the sky. I think the Girls County School in Merton Hall Rd had been on fire. There seems to be a blaze in Wimbledon and Morden but particulars are lacking. Four machines are known to be destroyed so far. All clear at 11.15 p.m.

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