14 February 2014

13th February 1944: happy evening cut short by raid

13 Sun. Cold, very dull; not much wind. The children called as usual. Cousin Len & Doris his sweetheart came to tea and stayed the evening. Showed them the family albums and other things which interested them. Played the organ which Doris seemed to enjoy; a happy evening cut short by a warning at 8.35 p.m. Several machines hung about in a s.E. and E. direction for what seemed ages. The firing was heavy and continuous, the local guns firing heavily on two occasions, but Jerry does not seem, at all in a hurry to clear off, they seem to ignore the heavy A.A. fire; it cannot be accurate. However it is just announced that four were destroyed. There were signs of incendiaries having been dropped but many miles away. I don't think any bombs were dropped anywhere near here. All clear at 9.50 p.m. Doris stayed the night.

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