13 February 2014

11th February 1944: new meat shop inside Wimbledon station

11 Fri. Very cold, fitful skies, a few sunny periods and showers; bitter N. wind. Did all the usual shopping locally, thence along rail path to Wimbledon. Bought sweets at Woolworth's. I have missed the chubby faced girl who used to serve in the animal meat shop at Morden since the beginning of the year. A new meat shop has been opened inside Wimbledon station where I bought some meat this morning and was surprised to see the girl serving there; she recognised me, God bless her. Bought new batteries for Mrs. Child's radio which I took to her and she was very pleased. Mrs. Snedden was there. Warning at 7.45 p.m. About two machines approached from the S.E. and came under a moderate amount of fire but they turned back without coming very near. All clear at 8.36 p.m.

Note: a far earlier image of Wimbledon Station with a dog begging, bowler hats and hansom cabs, from our friends at 'Postcards Then and Now'

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