5 January 2014

5th January 1944: 'red balls of fire'

5 Wed. Severe white frost, very cold day. A pretty speckled pink, slate and blue sunset. Warning at 2.14 a.m. Two enemy aircraft were under moderate fire some miles to eastward. Then a plane came from the south and immediately came under terrific gunfire from all angles. The local guns fired with great rapidity, the Wimbledon Common heavy guns fired many rounds and there were many small-bore, high velocity guns in action. I think the din was the loudest and most continuous I have heard; a great uproar. The shrapnel whined down and crashed on the roofs but the plane went steadily on to northwards where it dropped two heavy bombs with resounding bangs. It then flew back south apparently unharmed. All dull red balls of fire - special shells of some sort were bursting in a north-easterly direction indicating the presence of another plane. A hectic quarter of an hour. All clear at 3.0 a.m. Understand the bombs fell at Wandsworth. Two raiders were destroyed. Did shopping locally in morning. Madge called in evening. Maud stayed the night.

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