23 January 2014

21st January 1944: ninety bombers... showers of incendiaries

21 Fri. Cold, clear, some fitful sunshine. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping. Also, for the first time, got the groceries this morning instead of tomorrow afternoon. Cycled to Morden in afternoon also more shopping locally. Warning at 8.16 p.m. A much larger number of enemy aircraft came, chiefly from N.W. to S.E. All were heavily fired at and all guns seemingly went into action. One machine cruised about among bursting shells for a long time without apparent harm. Two fluctuating fires on E. the other S.E. burned for two hours. They were many miles away; they followed showers of incendiary bombs; a very noisy affair, there being so much gunfire, but I cannot say I heard any bombs fall. All clear at 10.17 p.m. It is announced that 90 enemy machines came and that 8 were destroyed.

On this day: German planes attacked two lighted and identified British hospital ships off the Anzio coast, sinking the St David and damaging Leinster.

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