16 January 2014

15th January 1944: walking & bombing - in thick fog

15 Sat. Severe hoar frost which remained all day. Fog all day; visibility even during daylight was never more than four or five yards. Nevertheless, I did shopping locally, then walked to Morden to buy meat for Dinky. Took a few wrong turnings but eventually found my way safely home. Warning at 7.38 p.m. It must have been impossible for the Germans to have seen the ground. A machine came from the south, passed overhead, then veered north-west. It came under considerable fire, especially from the local guns. I thought it dropped a bomb in N.W. direction. It soon returned among another outburst of shelling and dropped another bomb S.E. from here; I cannot be certain of the direction however. Three or four other machines were under fire to eastwards. All clear at 8.18 p.m. It is announced one machine was destroyed. Last night two bombs were dropped on Croydon; there were no warning sirens. One hit a stores, and another got a direct hit on the Davis cinema, Georges St. Five people ere killed and thirty-three injured. Len's Doris stayed the night.

Note: the Davis Theatre was the largest cinema in England. There were 2,000 people in the cinema the night of the bombing, watching Joan Davies in Two Senioritas. See and several other websites.

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