31 August 2013

30th Aug 1943: old friend & new kitten

30 Mon. Very mild, dull, slight showers, very rough S.W. wind. Uncles Tom called in morning & as Ciss has got this week at home they saw each other; first time for a long while. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish. Mrs. Jordan & baby Nigel came to tea. To pay the club in evening. Mrs. Hockney showed us a little kitten they have just got. 

29th Aug 1943: friend's ribs broken?

29 Sun. Mild, very dull, rain in morning; rise in temperature quite late in evening to 68 degrees. Dad & Alb to dinner. Lily, Mrs Jones & Anthony coming later to tea. Alb & I went to see Mother's grave in afternoon. To see Len Garrod in evening. He injured himself badly by missing a step in his own house. He seems to have broken some ribs and in in great pain when he moves.

28th Aug 1943: Pacific day

28 Sat. Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon; saw Pacific loco. Bought a few things in Wimbledon.

30 August 2013

27th Aug 1943: "a spot of trouble for Jerry"

27 Fri. Very mild, cloudy rain later; very rough fresh wind. Did all the usual Friday morning shopping including buying cats' meat at Morden. Cleaned all the windows inside and out. Edie Bennett called bringing a sewing machine for Dad. Great numbers of (British) bombers going to Germany (?.) between 10 & 11 p.m. The noise was terrific - a spot of trouble for Jerry.

Note: brackets & question mark, etc as Fred's original diary entry. 

26th Aug 1943: fire duty

26 Thur. Morden Cemetery in afternoon. On fire duty tonight.

25th Aug 1943: cycling for pleasure

25 Wed. ...very rough S.W. wind... cycled to Epson Common in afternoon; got there and back in an hour and a half - about 16 miles. Aunt Liza called also Mr. Bonham.

26 August 2013

24th Aug 1943: new batteries

Between very mild and rather warm; some periods of soft sunshine. To Merton to buy a new high-tension battery - 11s/3d which I fitted along with a new grid-bias battery - good results. Gwennie & Laurence called. Short walk along line in evening.

23rd Aug 1943: bombed chimney repaired

23 Mon. Rather warm, with periods of soft sunshine but getting cooler with showers later. Workmen came to repair chimney stack damaged by blast but only now repaired. It was damaged in Nov. 1940. They also repaired cement fillets to the roof. To Morden to buy cats' meat. To Wimbledon in afternoon along rail path to make a purchase. Saw loco' Stroudley. Short cycle ride in evening. Warning from 1.40 to 2.35 a.m. no incident. 

22 August 2013

22nd Aug 1943: the Sunday kids

22 Sun. Very mild, dull, slight showers. Gwennie, Laurance, and Jeanette called. Walk as far as the Boys' County School, Bushey Road in evening; saw Lily Bickenstaff.

21st Aug 1943: just weeding

21 Sat. Rather warm and humid after a night of rain; very cloudy & light showers. Did shopping locally in afternoon. Spent some time weeding and tidying up the garden. Cycled to Tolworth Rise in evening.

21 August 2013

20th Aug 1943: Music and leeks

20 Fri. Warm, fine day, but the sun shone more or less through light clouds; still windy. Did the usual Friday morning shopping. Planted leeks in the afternoon. To Len Garrod's for some music. Met Martha Read on the way there.

19 August 2013

19th Aug 1943: a tank driving along road

19 Thur. Warm, but sunshine only moderate & intermittent - very pleasant. Shopping locally in morning. Met Mr. Peartree in Coombe Lane; some years since saw him last. Rode along by-pass to Robin Hood Gate in afternoon. Saw a tank going along the road under its own power. Some surprise visitors. No sooner had Mrs Costella gone than Olive and Hesta Martin called; Hesta lost her husband in the Africa fighting.

18th Aug 1943: Epsom Common ploughed & on fire

Epsom. John Constable, circa 1808.
In Tate Britain.
18 Wed. Warm, fine day, the sun was not very powerful and a wind made it a little fresher than it would have been otherwise. Very enjoyable however. Did shopping in morning including going to Morden. Cycled to Epsom Common in afternoon. Would have enjoyed it very much if I had had the time but had to come back to cook the dinner. Part of Epsom Common is being turned into ploughland and other parts were on fire. Warning from 12.5 to 1.40 a.m.: no incident locally.

Notes: '144 acres of Epsom Common were ploughed during World War II, but the results were very poor.' - see Epsom Common Association

17th Aug 1943: Maud is impressed by organ playing?

17 Tues. Rather warm, pleasant, but less sunshine than yesterday; wind still rough. It is announced that Messina is captured which completes the occupation of Sicily. Cycle ride along Sutton Common Road, along new bye-pass returning down Burdon Lane through Cheam. Cousin Maud called in evening. She injured her foot playing tennis and is still lame. although she is now progressing. Played the organ to her; she seemed impressed.

17 August 2013

16th Aug 1943: wartime technical research

Early Cossor logo
 - see company details on Wikipedia
16 Mon. Rather warm, lovely sunshine all day but spoilt by a rather boisterous wind. To Morden to buy cat's meat. In afternoon cycled to top of Banstead Downs and sat on a seat there and enjoyed the wide expanse of view; have not been there for a great many years. To see Uncle Alf in evening; he is very unwell. Alan Spooner called; he is having a term in the Cossor Valve works at Highbury in the research laboratory. Warning from 11.50 to 12.0 midnight: no incident.

Notes: A C Cossor Ltd founded 1859 in Clerkenwell. Sold its first television set in 1936. Worked on radar and the Chain Home RADAR during WWII. Company sold its interests to Phillips and others in the 1950s, and later became and still is, in the 21st century, part of Raytheon.

16 August 2013

15th Aug 1943: just another WWII Sunday

15 Sun. Very mild, windy, some moderate sunshine. The children called. Mrs. Akroyd to tea. To Wimbledon Common; saw a few model flyers I knew. On fire watch duty to-night.

14 August 2013

14th Aug 1943: Dad's 81st birthday

14 Sat. A little warmer, some moderate sunshine - not unpleasant. Did shopping locally also to Morden to buy fish. Then to Tolworth to dad's birthday party. He is 81 to-day. Alf & Lily were also there - Ciss went of course. Ciss gave him a tie and I gave him a leather watch-guard.

13 August 2013

13th Aug 1943: bombers back from Italy

13 Fri. Little more than mild, very dull & depressing; rain later. Miss Dixon came to-day. Did a lot of shopping, morning and afternoon. Bought a leather watch-guard locally, also a tie in Wimbledon and a birthday card, all for Dad. The heavy bombers - ours, we saw last night were on their way to Milan and Turin; they returned between 5.00 and 5.30 a.m.; the sound of their engines woke me up.

12 August 2013

12 Aug 1943: many Allied bombers

12 Thur. Rather cool, only small amount of sunshine. Shopping locally in morning. Also to pay Miss Read for my Bible Reading subscription. Met Mrs. Child. Mrs. Akroyd called. A large flight of 4 engined bombers went over from N.E. to S.W in late evening; they took 3/4 of an hour to pass; they were ours thank goodness.

On this day: German forces start evacuation from Sicily.

11 Aug 1943: Dad unwell

Fred's Dad at Tolworth.
 Probably 1943 - but probably not today.
11 Wed. Rather warm; cool evening. Cloudy, some sunshine, boisterous. Did shopping in morning, going also to Morden. Cycled to Tolworth in afternoon to see Dad as he has been unwell but is somewhat better to-day; a hard journey on account of strong wind. Met Mrs. Conrad in morning.

10 August 2013

10 Aug 1943: greengrocer calls... and milkman... and baker

10 Tues. Rather warm; cloudy but some nice sunny periods. No shopping to-day, only the baker, milkman and greengrocer called as usual. Cycled up Coombe Hill to Kingston, returning along Kingston Road through Norbiton. Some gardening in evening.

9 Aug 1943: bomb damage surveyed

9 Mon. Rather warm, some nice sunny periods. The surveyor called to see what bomb damage was still outstanding - repair to chimney stack and a leak in the roof. To Wimbledon along rail-path to buy a few things. To pay Slate Club and then to Len's to play the piano while he played his cello.

8 August 2013

8 Aug 1943: paper toys and sticky burrs

8 Sun. Between very mild and rather warm; very cloudy and very rough. Gwennie, Laurance and Jeanette called. Jeanette's aunt and uncle brought her and her father and mother took her away. Amused her by making paper toys and doing sketches. Walk along Grand Drive and Cannon Hill lane in evening. Found some "sticky burrs" in Grand Drive so brought them home and gave them to Monica & other children in the street and they seemed not to have seen them before and had great fun with them.

7 August 2013

7 Aug 1943: local stuff

7 Sat. Between very mild and rather warm, cloudy, rain at night. Did usual shopping also to Morden to buy cat's meat. Short ride in evening.

Meanwhile this month, Winston Churchill visited America, and speaking of Anglo-American co-operation said, whilst at Harvard: "If we are together, nothing is impossible, and if we are divided all will fail."  Also, at the same venue:
"The empires of the future are empires of the mind."

6 Aug 1943: "hard and uninteresting"

6 Fri. Between very mild & rather warm; cloudy after a night of rain. Did all the usual Friday morning shopping including going to Morden and Merton. Miss Dixon is still not well enough to work, so cleaned the downstairs part of the house and found it hard and uninteresting work. Short cycle ride in evening. Warning from 2.0 to 2.10 a.m.

On this day: 3 of 4 Japanese destroyers taking troops and goods to Solomons sunk by 6 US destroyers in Vella Gulf.

5 Aug 1943: the price of grapes and peaches

5 Thur. Rather warm, some nice sunshine but some cloudy periods and light showers; very windy. To Wimbledon along rail path to buy haricot beans & ground ginger at Faulkner's. Aunt Liza bought some blackberries. Sowed lettuce seed. Grapes are 10/- a pound in Wimbledon; peaches (small) 2/6 each, large ones unpriced: did not buy any!

4 August 2013

4 Aug 1943: ...three French horns, two bass trombones...

4 Wed. Rather warm, cloudy but quite pleasant. Did shopping in morning locally & at Morden. In afternoon to Mitcham to see cricket but they have a holiday week there and the Police Band played on the green. Was very interested in the band - 1 oboe, 1 E6 clarinet, 6 clarinets, 1 flute, 4 cornets, 3 French horns, 2 bass trombones, 1 bassoon, 3 bass tubas, bass drum, string drum cymbals, triangle etc; a very fine combination. Popular music was played, of course and I enjoyed it. To Mrs. Akroyd's in evening to repair her wireless; left it going O.K. On fire duty tonight.

3 Aug 1943: 'advanced' piano practice

3 Tues. Rather warm; cloudy but calm and genial. Did shopping locally also to Morden to buy fish. Practised some of Mendelsohn's more advanced piano music with encouraging results.

3 August 2013

2 Aug 1943: National Fire Service men & women at sports

2 Mon. Rather warm, very cloudy and rough. Saw the sports fete at Mostyn Gardens. Races at various distances, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, a five mile road walk, slow cycle races, obstacle races, but the show piece was a display of agility and acrobatics by the men and women of the National Fire Service. Gwennie and Laurance brought some meat scraps for Dinky.

Hagenbeck Zoo was rebuilt.
See history at
On this day: a series of six raids by RAF and US on Hamburg has resulted in 40,800 immediate deaths, and 37,000+ injured. Over 40,000 homes and 275,000 apartments destroyed, 24 hospitals, 277 schools, 12 bridges, and Hagenbeck Zoo totally destroyed.

1 Aug 1943: annual visitor

1 Aug Sun. Rather warm, very windy, a fair amount of moderate sunshine. Mrs. Matson came to dinner and Tea, to keep up an annual custom. Gwennie, Laurance and little Jeanette Mc Ainsh came and I had a happy time playing with them; short walk in evening.