29 April 2013

29th April 1943: cycling for cat's fish

29 Thur. Very mild, cloudy, fresh wind, slight rain later. Doped fuselage of 34 ins. model, also wing of same. Cycled to Morden, Worcester Park, and finally bought some fish at North Cheam.

28th April 1943: cat food is toughest task

28 Wed. Very mild, cloudy but chilly wind continues. Hunted all over Raynes Park and Morden for Dinky's food but got none: my most difficult task. Planted runner beans seeds and other work in garden. Stripped fuselage of 34 ins model and re-covered with black tissue: could not get the usual dark blue.

27th April 1943: showing off bikes

27 Tues. Very mild, wind a little less strong. Along line to Wimbledon bought some meals. Then to Merton Road to buy some sheet balsa & black tissue at Colins aero shop. Then to Merton High St. to buy fish and home along Kingston Road. Alan Spooner called in evening to show me his re-enamalled cycle; I was able to show him mine.

27 April 2013

26th April 1943: "Stay home!" says government

26 Bank Holiday. Monday. Very mild, a few sunny periods but the wind is terrific and makes it seem bitterly cold. Did not go out. Re-enamalled some more of my bicycle. Cousin Maud called in evening. People have been told to stay at home this Easter owing to war conditions - I did.

25th April 1943: bright spring foliage

24 Easter Sunday. Very mild, some moderate sunshine but very rough sou'wester which made it seem colder than it was. Short alert from 12.30 12.40 a.m., no incident. Two short walks but better indoors to-day. Monica brought a large bunch of lilac. The red may is in bloom, also cow-parsley is out. All the trees are dressed in their bright spring foliage except the oak, ash and acacia.

24 April 2013

24th April 1943: try again with onions

24 Sat. Very mild, sunny morning cloudy later; boisterous wind. Got the meat and groceries and other things in morning. Bought fish at Morden in afternoon. Met Uncle Alf, Aunt Hannah, Joy & her Frank & little Barbara. Saw kestrel hawk wheeling high over local allotmnents. Sowed onion seeds again - the first sowing failed. Am trying Spanish Main crop & James' Long Keeping. Mended Ciss' glasses. Re-enamelled back and chain stays of cycle.

23 April 2013

23rd April 1943: Easter flowers & gunfire

Lesser Stitchwort (photo: Wikipedia)
23 Fri. Good Friday. Very mild, very cloudy and dull; gentle rain most of the day. Walk along little rail path in afternoon; saw lesser stitchwort in bloom on railway embankment. The white may is out; red may nearly so; also saw wisteria in full bloom. The sirens sounded during the rain at 10.39 p.m. Some distant gunfire, heard a machine flying towards London; all clear at 11.23 p.m.

22 April 2013

22nd April 1943: a day of hot-cross buns

22 Thur. Mild, Very cloudy with slight rain on and off all day. Did shopping including buying some hot cross buns which were hot: that in the morning. Bought more buns in afternoon for ourselves the others were for Miss Dickson. Cycled to Morden bought sausages and some meat for Dinky.

21 April 2013

21st April 1943: ready for beetroot

21 Wed. Rather mild, sunny morning, very boisterous but settling later to a cloudy afternoon, then rain. Did shopping locally in morning. Dug over part of garden where I intend to sow beetroot seed. Fire watching duty.

20 April 2013

20th April 1943: sunny, some gunfire

20 Tues. Very mild, lovely sunny day. To Morden to buy fish. Also shopping locally. Chestnut trees are in bloom. Ciss said she heard the cuckoo on Wimbledon Common. Warning at 10.28 p.m. Two enemy aircraft from N. to S. Some slight dispersed fire at them and a few shots from the Raynes Park guns but nothing very determined; all clear at 11.5 p.m.

19 April 2013

19th April 1943: grossly inaccurate gunfire

19 Mon. Mild, pleasant sunny morning; cloudy afternoon, some rain. To post office in morning to post a parcel among other errands. To Morden in afternoon. To Mrs. Hippel, replaced power valve with good results. Paid slate club in evening. Warning from 1.0 to 1.20 a.m. One enemy plane approached from the S.E. then returned the same way. It was fired at for a short while but the shell-bursts were very dispersed and grossly inaccurate; it dropped two bombs some miles away; all clear at 1.20 a.m.

18 April 2013

18th April 1943: sun, fragrance & air-raid

18 Sun. Rather warm, sunshine all day but stiff W. breeze to freshen the air. Some children called before going to Sunday School. Sat on a seat in Holland Gardens & enjoyed the sunshine and the fragrance of the large bed of wallflowers. The flowers and trees are very lovely and unspoilt by frosts. Rose trees are already full of buds and some buds on my climbing Mme. E. Herriot are showing colour and should be out in a little more than a week. Warning from 1.55 to 2.5 p.m.; no incidents. also from 10.20 to 10.40 p.m.: a few shots to northwards.

17th April 1943: heard stick of bombs

17 Sat. Warm, sunshine all day, quite like summer. Warning at 12.30 a.m., two machines reached London, the A.A. fire was very slight and no guns about here came into action - they should have done: heard stick of bombs to N.E. all clear at 1.40 p.m. In morning cycled to Wimbledon and Morden to try to but food for Dinky but failed. Cooked dinner as usual. In afternoon cycled to Merton bought some fish also runner bean seeds. Quite a lot of other errands locally. Made infusion of quassia and sprayed the roses which are infested with green fly.

16th April 1943: blooming lovely

16 Fri. Warm, perfect sunny day like summer; sun 112 degrees. Did shopping in morning. To Mrs Hippel in afternoon; her wireless needs attention. Finished preparing bed for runner beans in garden and erected the row of rods to accommodate them. Lilac is out. The large double pink flowering cherry trees in front of St Matthews Church are breath-takingly lovely. Chestnut and sycamore trees are showing for bloom. Warning from 4.55 to 5.5 p.m. no incident.

15 April 2013

15th April 1943: like summer, distant gunfire

15 Thur. Warm, lovely summer-like day: sun max 110 degs. Shopping in morning, also to Merton in late afternoon. To Dear Mother's grave, which looks very nice; the narcissus and forget-me-nots are lovely. Alf called in evening. Raid warning from 12.30 to 1.30 a.m. at night; slight, distant gunfire. Also from 33.0 to 3.50 p.m. no incident.

14 April 2013

14th April 1943: garden trench

14 Wed. Rather warm, some genial sunshine in afternoon: like summer. Cycled to Morden: bought fish. Also did shopping locally. In afternoon took re-build 34 ins model to Wimbledon Common; got fair results in a rather capricious breeze. Started to dig a trench in garden to bury the garden refuse as manure.

13 April 2013

13th April 1943: earthing up the Anderson

13 Tues. Between very mild and rather warm, lovely genial sunshine all day. Uncle Tom came in morning; gave him packet of tea, pot of jam and some rhubarb out of the garden. Made a good job of earthing up the shelter. Cycled to Old Morden in evening. The country looks lovely and bushes are like fairyland. Saw some boys at Old Morden picking cowslips; they had a large bunch.

"bushes like fairyland... boys with cowslips"

11 April 2013

12th Apr 1943: what war? a dull, fishy day!

12 Mon. Very mild, very dull. Walk to Wimbledon along rail path; bought fish. Took some groceries to Gladys in Grand Drive.

11th April 1943: tea for few?

11 Sun. Very mild, some slight sun in afternoon, but a chilly west wind. Dad, Alb, Lily & Anthony came to tea. Anthony is geting on and takes an interest in things now. Also Mrs Akroyd to tea, cousin Maud also called. Short walk in evening; saw a Pacific loco.

10 April 2013

10th April 1943: gift of duck eggs

10 Sat. Mild, dismal. To Morden on cycle to buy fish in morning. Removed a great mat of bellbine roots from where I started to grow beans. The roots extended up the shelter, so I have a heavy job of taking down the banked up earth and replacing it after removing the roots. Mr Winsley gave me two ducks eggs.

9 April 2013

9th April 1943: sirens, cemetery and sleep

9 Fri. Mild, very dull and cloudy; less wind. Did usual shopping also to the Merton cats' meat shop. While out the sirens went at 11.50 a.m.; all clear at 12.10 p.m., no incident. Cycled to Morden Cemetery in afternoon; saw Uncle Henry and Aunt Frances grave, also that of cousin Frank. Aunt Liza called in evening. In fire duty; no alert, so I slept all night: I needed sleep too.

8th April 1943: Walking with Maud

8 Thur. Chilly, nasty N. wind, some sunshine. Pruned Edie Bennett's roses. Then to Merton to buy fish. Went for a walk on Cannon Hill Common and along Grand Drive with Cousin Maud in evening.

7 April 2013

7th April 1943: pressed by Eastmans

7 Wed. Mild, cloudy few spots of rain, very rough indeed. Did shopping locally in morning including getting Ciss' coat from Eastman's in Coombe Lane who have cleaned and pressed it. Alan Spooner called in afternoon. 

6 April 2013

6th April 1943: death to snails!

6 Tues. Mild cloudy, chilly, strong north wind - different to yesterday. Did tidying up in the garden, cut the lawn and destroyed a colony of snails. As there were no errands I stayed in.

5th April 1943: sun & sou'wester

5 Mon. Shade temperature up to 62, sun maxiumum 89 degrees; very rough sou'wester which made the weather seem quite chilly. Did a lot of shopping locally also to Morden, using my cycle. To pay the club in evening.

Note: club=a slate club; temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

5 April 2013

4th April 1943: double summer time

4 Sun. Very mild, pleasant genial sunshine; lovely Spring day. First day of double summer time; the clocks are now two hours ahead of G.M.T. Walk on playing fields; watched a football match. A balloon was let up from a winch beside Bushey Road to-day. Walk along Arterial road in evening; hardly dark at 9.0 p.m.

4 April 2013

3rd April 1943: showing off my bike

3 Sat. Very mild, some genial sunshine; pleasant. Bought vegetables in morning; brought Alf in to see my rejuvenated bike. Got groceries etc also lettuce seeds from Smaldon's; planted some also other work in garden.

2nd April 1943: lent vicar my bike

2 Fri. Very mild, dull, becoming windy. Chas Staden called in morning while I was out shopping, he wished to borrow my cycle as promised; Miss Dickson was here as Friday is the day she cleans the house so he was able to get his ride. He brought it back after doing 9 miles by the cyclometer but I was again out to my regret. I may not see him again for years and wished to see him once again before he goes back to his church at Spalding.

1st April 1943: Holloway Bros give big sister a 'substantial' pay rise

1 April. Thur. Very mild, very dull, some slight rain, very rough. Rev. Chas Staden called in morning; had not seen him for about eight years. Walked along line with him to see locos. including a Pacific; he is an enthusiastic railwayite. He had not seen any S.R. locos for a long time. Bought brake blocks and fitted to cycle. Aunt Liza called. Ciss announced that Holloway's* had given her a substantial rise.

 * Holloway Brothers company history on Wikipedia