4 December 2013

4th December 1943: full house

4 Sat. Very cold, dull, cutting N. wind. Ciss got the morning off, so she cooked dinner to-day. Mr. Mrs. Ron & Roy Cooper came to stay the weekend; we are greatly honoured. Did shopping locally in afternoon also to Morden, bought liver for Dinky, fish & some soap at Woolworths.

Note: we don't hear much about Ciss (Theresa), Fred's sister, who shared No 66 Chestnut Road with Fred. She had an office job (including it seems Saturday mornings) at Holloway Brothers, a substantial building/construction company dating back to 1882. Her office would have been in Millbank. The company was very busy during WWII building RAF and armament facilities. It was also responsible for building sea-forts in the Thames Estuary. The company constructed bridges over the Thames (Chelsea, Hampton Court, two at Reading, Wandsworth), over the Tweed and the Esk, the Towy Bridge at Carmarthen, and several in the Middle East.  The Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) and the Bank of England were among their many construction projects. 
Chelsea Bridge Photo by DAVID ILIFF via Wikipedia (licence CC-BY-SA 3.0)

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