31 December 2013

31st December 1943: bitter fighting foreseen & possible victory

31 Fri. Very severe white frost, only giving in patches where the sun shone. Saw brilliant glow of prismatic colours in a white cloud near the sun, caused doubtless by the sun's rays being split up by the ice crystals in the cloud. Got the meat, liver & suet from the butchers also other things locally. Thence to Wimbledon along rail path. Bought a nice note book at Altons for my 1944 diary. And so ends a year of greater achievement by the United Nations. The New Year will be one of bitter fighting on a hitherto undreamed of scale, but 1944 may see Hitler and his forces put into a hopeless position; indeed, it may by God's help be a Year of Victory.

Total cycling mileage for the year 1943 was 1,134.5 miles.

(Note a reader's interesting comment on today's blog)

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  1. I’m looking forward to 1944 – the year of my earliest memories of actual events rather than just ‘snapshots’.
    Re Uncle Fred’s frequent mentions of buying fish, I used to enjoy going to buy fish with my mother. The fishmonger’s shop must have been in New Malden or Raynes Park. There was a large marble slab at the front of the shop, open to view from the pavement once the shutters were up. It was covered in crushed ice and tilted at an angle of about 20 deg so that the water ran down into a gutter along the front. It was lower than a normal shop counter and thus the fish were easily studied by a child. There’s nothing more dead-looking than the eyes of a dead fish; and the scales hinting at all the colours of the rainbow were very attractive. So much more interesting than a packet of frozen fillets from the supermarket!