27 December 2013

27th December 1943: dinner, tea, music, games & fire duty

27 Mon. Bank Holiday. Very mild for season, very dull. Cycled to Tolworth to dinner. Ruth & Ena were there. From thence to tea at Len Garrods; Mr & Mrs Jennings were there. Had some music and played Auctioneer game. Maud came here to stay the night. On fire duty - no incident.

Note the comments on this post... there are a reader's links to an old cycle-shop photo and memories of the area... the same reader added comments to 'Extensive Notes from a reader' (See side column) 


  1. Hi

    I've been checking up on the extensive notes from an avid reader of this blog and saw a reference to a local bicycle shop called Whitbourns. The reader believes Whitbourns was near Raynes Park Station on the first of the apostles road. There is a bike shop still there that was called Cycle City in my day.

    On flickr there is a fantastic old photo from 1919 of the Whitbourn shop on Durham Street (Road) Raynes Park. The last commenator on the photo says they were on Kingston Road so maybe they moved there from Durham Road.



  2. Here's the link to the photo

  3. Hi Duncan - thanks for those comments. I actually phoned the modern cycle shop from my home some 300 miles away to check they were still up and running! In a few days I'll see if Fred records his annual cycle mileage in his next (or last page of this) diary - actually written over this past year to exactly fill (he must have counted the pages) two small 'cash' books, rather than the usual notebooks. - Tony