25 December 2013

25th December 1943: cake from Canada breaks wartime fast

25 Sat. Christmas Day. Cold, very dull. Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony came to dinner and tea. Gave Anthony his "Mosquito" plane*; he was very pleased with it. Cousin Elsie sent a parcel of goodies from Canada, including some very rich fruit cake, luxury chocolates, ans some cream-filled biscuits. We are unused to such luxury fare here in wartime - most kind of her.

*Possible photo mislaid. Blogger will report at a later date!

A reader of this diary blog, Fred Brewer, who posted a very full set of comments (31 March 2011) had this to say about Christmas Day postal deliveries:

Christmas day
The Post Office was open on Christmas morning, for the only delivery of the day -  usually, there would be seven deliveries, or more, in a single day (in the absence of any other form of communication). The BBC radio would have a special programme on Christmas morning, to follow a selected postman on his rounds, and to get the reactions of the recipients as they received their Christmas mail. These annual broadcasts were very popular with the listeners.

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