20 December 2013

20th December 1943: 'prowling' planes shot at

20 Mon. Rather cold, as much bright sunshine as is possible for the season. Warning at 2.25 a.m. Several planes; some I think were ours; one was held in searchlights over London; no firing whatever; all clear at 2.55 a.m. Further warning at 5.55 a.m. Two planes in cones of searchlights over London, many others prowling round; could not tell if any were ours, but one plane in the S.E. had six shots fired at it but not by local guns; there was no other firing at all. All clear at 6.30 a.m. Cycled to Morden to buy cats meat, also torch batteries. Bought battery for cycle lamp at Whitbourne's. Posted Xmas parcel and letter to Uncle Tom. Ciss had afternoon from office to do Xmas shopping but came back with the flu.

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