16 November 2013

16th November 1943: 3 years since bomb on Chestnut Road

16 Tues. Very cold, dull, biting N. wind. Three years ago today** since Chestnut Rd was bombed. Took suit to Eastman's, Coombe Lane, to be pressed; also other shopping. Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat.

On this day. Winston Churchill says (in 'The Blast of War - referring to the Chiefs of Staff system): 'You may take the most gallant sailor, the most intrepid airman, or the most audacious soldier, put them at a table together - what do you get? The sum of their fears.'

**Note: here is Fred's diary entry for that day three years ago. Mr Child died a few days before Christmas. (As usual, it's Fred's entry and the current blogger's headline.) 

Saturday 16th November 1940: Chestnut Road bombed, houses wrecked, people killed

Cold, rain. Warnings from 9.55 p.m. At 7.0 p.m. a bomber dropped 5 explosive bombs & an oil bomb. 3 explosive bombs and the latter on Chestnut Road; Mrs Lundy's house and also Child's & Spooner's wrecked, but all escaped, but Mr Child is seriously injured. A man opposite was killed & man killed in Botsford Road.Our house has suffered badly from blast and all windows broken. I was in the waterlogged shelter when the bombs fell. Also from 9.55 to 12.50 a.m. on Sunday 17. From 4.35 to 7.40 a.m.

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