13 October 2013

Evacuate children, put up blackout curtains, kill the cat

A note here, from today's editor of this blog, which puts Fred's care for animals and endless search for cats' food into perspective. At the start of the war, government-sponsored advice to animal owners resulted in some 750,000 animals being put to death in the space of a single week. Link: this BBC report tells the story.

Note the reader's comment, from link below...

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  1. With the Netherlands under German occupation, times were very tough there. A Dutch friend of mine, now in his 80s, was just a lad in Rotterdam when he and his brother caught a neighbour’s cherished cat, killed and skinned and gutted it, cooked it in an old pot on a bomb-site campfire, and took it home to share. The family ate with relish, and his mother said “Don’t tell me what it is, I don’t want to know.” (She probably had her suspicions.)