7 October 2013

7th October 1943: sixty German aircraft

7 Thur. Cool, very dull, local shopping.To Smaldon's wood yard but no weather-boarding in stock which is what I wanted. Started making a solid wood model aero for Anthony's birthday. Mr. Luckock the new minister called. An energetic and spiritually minded man. Warning at 8.42 p.m. About four machines came from the S.E. and circled about for half an hour, at times coming under heavy fire; our local battery fired many rounds very rapidly. Later two aircraft from N. to S.E. were caught in the searchlights. I had a good view of these and although shells burst near them, most of the hundreds that were fired would never hurt them. The first of these two dropped something Londonwards which made a long drawn out noise: I could not guess what it was; all clear at 10.56 p.m. It is just announced on the wireless that two machines were shot down. Final score is Jerry lost three out of sixty planes sent.

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