5 October 2013

3rd October 1943: bombing "present" to Germany

3 Sun. Rather cool; some weak sun. The children's Harvest Festival. Monica and others called. Alb, Lily, Anthony and Mrs. Akroyd to tea. Anthony is getting very interesting and lovable. Alb showed me a letter from John of Basingstoke who has been on night bombing raids on Germany. I saw a letter from him in which he said that on last week's raid on Hanover he dropped a 2,000lb bomb on which he had written the inscription "A Present from Chestnut Road". Took flowers to Mrs. Smith in Wimbledon Hospital. Warning from 2.15 to 2.37 a.m. slight gunfire. From 11.40 p.m. to 12.7 a.m. on 4 Mon.

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