17 October 2013

16th October 1943: 'wonderful' train washer

16 Sat. Cool, dull morning, some autumnal sunshine in afternoon. Did the usual shopping then bicycled to Morden, Merton and Wimbledon in search of food for Dinky. Saw the Southern Railways carriage washing machine at Durnsford Road bridge in operation - wonderful; trains go in dirty at one and and come out clean at the other! Met Harold. Received birthday card, letter and a nice tie from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie.
The view from Durnsford Road bridge in the 21st Century -
does anyone know if those are train washing sheds, top left?
(Photo credit: Google Street View)

Our blog reader 'Greyfox' adds: The picture shows the Wimbledon Traincare centre but I believe it’s used for general maintenance rather than train washing per se. There are several automatic washing systems (similar to car washes) but I can’t recall having seen evidence of one here... I will have a better look next time I pass on the train...'

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  1. That washing machine for trains is next to the bridge the above photo was taken. On this video at 14:14 you can see it: