11 September 2013

11th Sept 1943: creating b&w photo prints

11 Sat. Warm, fine, sunny day; lovely. Did shopping locally, also to Wimbledon along rail path. Tried to buy photographic gaslight* paper but could not get any. Madge called in evening. Repaired 3-speed control chain of cycle, but shall have to assemble it accurately another day.

Eastman Kodak Darkroom Lantern
with hinged flap and slid-in glass filter
*A paper against which photographic negatives were placed, in close contact with the paper, in a glass frame, making a 'contact' print by exposing the whole to light for a measured period and then washing the paper in a tray of liquid 'developer', then rinsing this, then a 'fixer' to stop further darkening. The 'gaslight' term comes from the possibility of handling these papers without fogging them in a darkroom lit only by dim electric or gaslight, usually with a filter of a colour to which the paper had minimum sensitivity. Your 21stC blogger recalls Fred's brother using an electric bulb in a tin lantern with a (waxed?) thin cloth filter of yellow. 

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