4 August 2013

4 Aug 1943: ...three French horns, two bass trombones...

4 Wed. Rather warm, cloudy but quite pleasant. Did shopping in morning locally & at Morden. In afternoon to Mitcham to see cricket but they have a holiday week there and the Police Band played on the green. Was very interested in the band - 1 oboe, 1 E6 clarinet, 6 clarinets, 1 flute, 4 cornets, 3 French horns, 2 bass trombones, 1 bassoon, 3 bass tubas, bass drum, string drum cymbals, triangle etc; a very fine combination. Popular music was played, of course and I enjoyed it. To Mrs. Akroyd's in evening to repair her wireless; left it going O.K. On fire duty tonight.

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